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Innovation. Mentorship. Networking. 

Brilliant Minds. is a mastermind group bridging the gap between innovators and experienced minds through in-depth, open conversations about business principles, personal growth and leadership.

Our Vision is simple. Make Atlanta the premier city of the US.

Bridging the Gap. 

Our goal is to facilitate success for the betterment of Atlanta through our three pillars of personal growth, leadership and professional development.

Personal Growth

Grow in your individual journey as you connect with others who share the same ambitions

Develop your professional skills and pick the brains of people who have been where you want to be.

Professional Development


Become a leader in your community as you become connected with other influential innovators and doers in Atlanta. 

Mentorship for our Mission

Our Mentors

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John Dilworth.

Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist.

Lawrence Cole.

Head of Google Sales Enablement. Philanthropist. Investor.

Rodney Cook.

Philanthropist, political activist and founder of Atlanta Peace Park. 


Matthew Burris.

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Founder of MatterLab, and Startup M&A Advisor.

Upcoming Events.

No upcoming events at the moment
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